Snowflakes - Poly Foam Party Decoration


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Made of 1/4" thick soft, flexible, closed cell polyethylene foam.   Great for indoor or outdoor use.The prices are for 12 pcs of the size you choose.Choose 4", 6",9" or 12" diameter Snowflake.Get 10% off if you you purchase 12 sets of 12 pcsUse a spray gun adhesive with glitter to add a sparkYou can have us insert acrylic rods into your items for you. This enables you to insert your items into Styrofoam centerpiece bases. When purchasing an item with an acrylic rod - we use a 9" long rod in the largest diameter that will work with the item.  The amount of rod extending below the figure will depend on the location we insert the rod.  Some figures will only have 2" extending below.  For more information please contact customer service.